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We welcome new members!

Practices run from October to mid-April on Monday evenings 8.00-9.30pm in St John's Church, Grove Lane, KT1 2SF. We'd love you to come along and have a go! Do get in touch beforehand as the church entrance can be hard to find.


Come and join us as a dancer or musician

We are keen to welcome new members so if you would like to dance or play for us why not come and see us at one of our events or contact us for more details.

During the winter months, from October to mid-April, we practise at St John's Church, Kingston KT1 2SU with our main dance programme running from late April to September.

Practices run from October to mid-April, Monday evenings 8-9.30pm - please do join us! Get in touch and we'll give you more details.

No experience necessary

No previous morris dancing experience is necessary, just enthusiasm and a good sense of rhythm. We are a fun team with a very active dance programme and a strong social side.
Our dance programme includes local community events, pubs, fairs and festivals, often dancing with other morris teams. 
Each practice season begins with two open practices for potential recruits to try out the morris, but we are always keen to expand our numbers.

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Varied programme of events

We try to have at least one trip further afield each season, examples include Sidmouth Folk Week, Oxford Folk Weekend and Days of Dance with other morris teams or the various morris organisations. In recent years we have enjoyed a weekend in Devon, a long weekend dancing in Poland and dancing at Swanage Folk Festival as well as closer to home in Kingston, Richmond and Twickenham, and on the South Bank of the Thames in central London.
In most years we have a varied and busy programme of events, so whether it's dancing on a festival stage, freezing on top of Box Hill at dawn on Mayday, performing at corporate events or in local pub gardens, you never know where the morris will take you.

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